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Breaking Bad Title Sequence

I worked in a group alongside Vlada Fedchenko and Donghee Kim to create our own version of the title sequence for the celebrated AMC series Breaking Bad. The main 3D animation was done by myself and Vlada, with the smoke effects and additional 3D effects by Donghee. Myself and Donghee composited everything together, with Vlada focusing on type animation.

We all had a very clear vision of the sequence from the beginning, and I had a great time collaborating to bring our vision to life.

Made with After Effects, Cinema 4D, and Element 3D.

Breaking Bad Branding Montage

In addition to the title sequence, we created thumbnails, lower thirds, and TV idents to support the branding we were after.

A little view at one of my shots in C4D.

Screen Shot 2022-02-23 at 12.17.10 PM.png
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